When baking, follow directions.

You can’t make cupcakes without breaking a few eggs.

The failure or incomplete success of a recipe depends upon some little detail that has been overlooked in the preparation.   ~ The Pillsbury Co. (1905)

Experiment with recipes and keep a folder of your favorites.  It’s amazing how many recipes are published that don’t actually work, so it’s always wise to experiment with a new recipe before that big dinner party.  Anytime I bake something I like, I add it to my folder of favorites, along with any changes I made to the recipe (e.g.: if I added walnuts, or a teaspoon more vanilla, etc.).  Over time, you’ll have your very own “best-of” baking cookbook created by you!   ~Candace Nelson, owner Sprinkles Cupcakes


1 Response to Quotes

  1. bobbo says:

    Nothing is better than having a huge lick of buttercream from the top of my imaginary cupcake. Except for reality. — bobbo

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