Hello!  My name is Nanci and I Love To Bake!  Especially cupcakes.

I’ve always loved to bake.  Baking is so perfect because as a detail-oriented person I love the precision of baking.  The exactness.  The science.  It either works or it doesn’t. 

I don’t actually enjoy eating sweets especially frosting (can you say sugar, sugar and more sugar).  I know, not what you expected to hear from a die-hard baker.  I prefer chips and salsa with a good margarita; although a margarita cupcake could hit the spot. 

At this point you’re probably wondering, if she doesn’t like sweets than who’s eating the cupcakes.  I AM.  Just as I don’t blindly accept a recipe, I touch and taste cupcakes from every recipe I bake to ensure my findings meet your expectations.

Baking is my form of meditation.  Nothing else exists when I bake;  not the music rocking the house, the dogs running amok and barking, the phone ringing, or any thought of food and drink.  I’m in my zone.  And nothing makes me happier… except having someone enjoy the results!


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  1. Maria says:

    I can say some of the best meals and friendship I’ve enjoyed have been at Nanci’s table! Looking forward to reading more about the cupcake adventures!

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