Savoury Polenta Muffins

I thoroughly enjoy cornbread muffins and polenta.  The thought of the two made into cupcake form with extra little yummies inside is a little heaven on earth for me.

Savoury Polenta Muffins from

Anne’s blog comes to us from Sweden.  Her posts are in English, along with Swedish.  So there’s no problem getting her recipes.  One problem does exist for me… measurements in grams and millilitres.  I found a great site which converts the measurements for you. and use the search term “cooking measurement equivalents.

This is another easy, one bowl recipe.  Yeah! for the one bowl.

The recipe calls for the use of mini liners but I opted for the standard size cupcake liners.  The more the merrier!  I had 19 lovely savory cakes.

The recipe includes fresh chopped cilantro, diced ham and grated cheese.  I loved these ingredients!  It added a wonderful flavor to the polenta cakes.  The recipe also suggests using sharp cheese for more flavor or substituting basil for the cilantro for a nice change in flavor.

I enjoyed these reheated in the microwave (for 15 seconds) with my cup of tea in the morning.  It was a nice change to my regular breakfast fare.  I was so sorry to see them go when I finished the last one.  *sad face*  I’ll have to make another batch with the last of my basil in the garden.  *happy face*

cupcakelab rating: the good


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One Response to Savoury Polenta Muffins

  1. Maria says:

    These sound like they may be a happening thing at the next family get-together!

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