Bacon Quiche Biscuit Cups

I just realized I’ve forgotten to tell you… I’m allergic to garlic and onions are not my friend.  I tell you this now because the savory cupcake recipes will include these ingredients.  I will NOT be including them in my cupcakes!  If I did I wouldn’t be able to taste the cupcake and report back to you.  Today’s recipe includes onions…

Bacon Quiche Biscuit Cups from

This recipe is fairly easy to make.  Everything goes in one bowl except the biscuits.

Now this is where it takes a little time.  You need to press each biscuit to form a 5 inch round.  This gives you plenty of excess biscuit when placing the biscuit in the cupcake pan cup. 

I ran into a little issue.  It took me some time to press all the biscuits and place them in the cups, and by the time I finished with the 10th biscuit my other biscuits had started to shrink in the cup.  I did a quick fix and filled the biscuits cups with “the batter.”

I like the idea of this recipe but will definitely change things up the next time I make this.  Without the onions the cupcake was rather bland; there was no other season in the recipe.  I will be adding some seasoning!  I also found the egg mixture to be too sweet from the cream cheese.  I would use less cream cheese and more eggs and cheese. 

Otherwise, its edible and looks lovely on the plate.

cupcakelab rating:  the bad


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