Savory Cupcakes

September has arrived… the end of summer, the kids are back at school and fall is just around the corner.  I think fall is actually coming a little early this year.  The Canadian Geese have already started heading south for the winter.  With that in mind, and the fact that I don’t like sweets, Savory is the perfect choice this month.

As I started pulling recipes I realized that this will be perfect for me.  Cooking for one is always difficult, especially if you love meat with your meals as I do.  Throwing a salad together for every meal just doesn’t cut it.  *Light bulb over my head*  My cupcakes will double as my meals.  I guess that means the neighbors won’t be seeing me for several weeks.

Having mulled this over for a few days, a new thought came to mind.  These cupcakes could also work as a quick snack, packed in a lunch, for parties, maybe in mini form as appetizers, or to take to a pot luck or BBQ.  And the best part, they’re already in individual servings.

I hope you enjoy our Savory journey this month.  Meatloaf, Lasagna, and Mac&Cheese.  Oh my!!!


About frostedbaker

I love to bake! Especially cupcakes.
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