Banana Split Cupcakes

Banana Split.  Who doesn’t love the indulgence of a good banana split… a boat-shaped bowl lined with two halves of a banana filled with three scoops of ice cream topped with chocolate, strawberry and pineapple sauces and all covered with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top.  Do I have your attention?  Lucky for us this cupcake is the perfect size banana split and doesn’t take us into a sugar coma or extra inches on the hips.

Banana Split Cupcakes from

This banana cupcake is adapted from Magnolia’s Vanilla Cupcake recipe. 

This recipe has you first cream the butter until its smooth, then you gradually add the sugar.  This is the first time I’ve seen or done this and was pleasantly surprised to see it made a beautifully light and fluffy butter/sugar mixture. 

It doesn’t say in the recipe but you MUST rotate your pans half way through baking.  My first batch of cupcakes were browned in the back of the pan and slightly undercooked in the front.  The next batch came out perfect.

This cupcake is light, fluffy and moist.  It is full of banana flavor ~ I did use perfectly ripened bananas.  The cupcake stands great on its own and the extras I had are great with a cup of tea in the morning.

I didn’t make the Banana Cream Custard filling.  One, I didn’t have enough bananas, but more importantly, the little ones in the neighborhood have a difficult time eating cupcakes with a soft filling ~ it ends up everywhere.

I continued on with the swiss meringue Vanilla Buttercream frosting.  I like this frosting because it is NOT a sweet frosting.

Then on to the Chocolate Dipping Sauce.  The recipe doesn’t specify the type of dark chocolate to use, and I’m guessing I bought the wrong kind.  My sauce was way too runny.  I had the hardest time coating the frosting layer.  It wasn’t always sticking which left white spots showing through the chocolate.  It also didn’t give enough chocolate coverage that I was looking for.

Give yourself plenty of time to make these cupcakes, as there is freezer time after the first layer of frosting and then again after the chocolate layer.  The recipe does give you helpful tips in preparing parts of the recipe in advance.  Always a good thing!

Overall, this cupcake is very delicious.  And I’m quite surprised to say that.  You would think with two layers of frosting and a dip in the chocolate sauce that it would be too sweet for me.  But it’s not!  It’s a light and yummy cupcake.  A definite for the cupcake stash.

cupcakelab rating:  the good


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