Butterfinger Cupcakes

The candy industry is lucky they don’t have to depend on the money I spend on candy.  They’d be hurting big time in sales.  If I do buy a candy bar, which is very, very rare, it’s a Butterfinger bar.  So you can see… I’m so excited for this cupcake.  And no matter how it turns out, I’ll still have a little Butterfinger bar to enjoy.

Butterfinger Cupcakes from http://annies-eats.com/2010/10/22

A Butterfinger bar is a caramel-y peanut butter center covered in chocolate.  So you would think those ingredients would be in this recipe.  But no!  We have banana (banana?) in the cupcake batter and peanut butter in the frosting.  Chocolate is nowhere to be found!

You use the “fun size” bar.  That’s the little bars that come in a bag and weighs 16 grams.  The outside of the bag says Fun Size.  I only tell you this because if you’re like me and don’t buy candy you may not know what the Fun Size is.  I didn’t.

This cupcake is light and moist, and is a beautifully delicious banana cake.  No vanilla, no spices ~ just the flavor of banana.  YUM!  It’s just out of this world!!!

Since we haven’t included the Butterfinger yet I’ll have to continue on with the frosting and candy bar.

The frosting is a cream cheese, peanut butter frosting which includes frozen whipped topping.  You would think this would be a sweet frosting but it isn’t.  It’s quite delicious and a hit with the neighbors!  My only issue is it’s a little on the thin side making it just a bit too soft.

Now the recipe calls for placing the Butterfinger bar half on the cupcake, then frost and then sprinkle with chopped Butterfinger bits.  Since so many of my neighbors are little ones I opted to put the candy bar on top of the frosting; don’t want any choking accidents.

This is an overall good recipe for the individual parts, but together they are not what I imagined for a Butterfinger cupcake.  I think the banana cake needs to be chocolate cake, the Butterfinger bits added to the frosting and then topped with the candy bar.  But that’s just me *smile*

cupcakelab rating:  the good


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