Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I’ve been waiting for so, so long to try baking in ice cream cones.  The day has finally arrived!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes from

I was worried about moving cupcake pans to the oven with standing ice cream cones full of batter, without surrounding support.  It was easier than I thought; especially since I have shaking hands.  No “tip-overs.” 

This recipe calls for a chocolate cake.  I changed things up because the neighborhood children prefer vanilla with chocolate frosting.  So… I used the Cosmopolitan magazine Simple Vanilla Cupcakes recipes and added half a cup of mini chocolate chips.

This recipe worked out great!  No overflow, like Chockylit had with her recipe.  I did find that it takes longer to bake the cupcake inside a cone.  It took 22 minutes.  I also had enough batter to bake 36 cones. 

Note:  Cones come in a box of 12.  I didn’t know this and didn’t have enough cones.  I used the extra batter to make regular cupcakes.  They only took 18 minutes to bake.  Boy, was that fun!  In and out of a hot oven all the while I was worrying about tipping over the cones.

The cupcakes were great!  A beautiful, moist cupcake inside a crunchy ice cream cone.  Who would have thought?  Double YUM!!!

I went ahead and made her Chocolate Buttercream frosting.  I used one less cup of powdered sugar and added a ton more milk to get the right consistency and taste.  My 4-year-old neighbor Fletcher told me “this is my favorite icing.”  High praises!

I love the idea of this recipe!  It’s everything I love about childhood and summer all rolled into one.  One thing though: the kids ate the frosting first and didn’t eat the entire “conecake.”  I didn’t pipe much frosting and in the future would probably pipe a little less.

This is a keeper for the recipe stash.

cupcakelab rating: the good


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One Response to Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

  1. Maria says:

    With your frosting, it even looks like a chocolate soft serve cone! You have some lucky neighborhood kids!

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