Mocha Cupcakes

Today I’m trying a mocha recipe.  Guessing it’s because it’s the end of the week and I’m dog tired.  Woof.  A little pick-me-up is sounding great about now.

Mocha Cupcakes from

You need to plan ahead so as to have time to brew your coffee and let it cool.  I missed that… so I put the cup of coffee in the frig to help it along.  It was still very warm when I was ready to use it.  By slowly pouring while stirring it into the milk it was able to cool quickly without over-warming the milk.

The batter has the beautiful look and texture of chocolate pudding, with just a hint of the coffee aroma.

The recipe states you get a 12 cupcake yield by evenly dividing the batter into 12 liners.  I put a full (ice cream) scoop of batter into each liner and ended up with 20 cupcakes.  Fingers crossed that the cupcakes don’t come out too small.

The cupcakes just came out of the oven.  They smell and look incredible.  However, they did bake up and over the liner onto the pan.  I can’t image how bad it would have been if I had used all the batter in only 12 liners.  In fact, the next time I bake this recipe I will use even less batter in each liner.

This is a pretty little cupcake.  The cupcake is moist with a very light texture.  It is a delicious chocolate cupcake with the subtle flavor of coffee, making it the perfect mocha cupcake for me (a non-coffee drinker)!

Just finished delivering to the neighbors.  One has to share the sweets!

cupcakelab rating:  the good


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I love to bake! Especially cupcakes.
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3 Responses to Mocha Cupcakes

  1. Maria says:

    Testing, testing…….I think this time is a success!

  2. honeybee77 says:

    when you delivered Avery had one, the coffee/mocha aroma was quite strong (and yes he bounced off the walls a little bit after eating it) so I expected when I had mine that it would be strong in the coffee flavor, but it was not it enhanced the chocolate flavor, I added fresh whipped cream to the top and it was divine, a little crumbly but that as ok…

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