Sundried Tomato and Sausage Egg Cupcakes

Today we are heading in a new direction.  As I’ve said before, I not a sweets person.  Especially for breakfast.  I’m a bacon and eggs girl; sausage and eggs works for me too.  I’m so excited for today’s recipe!  Its right up my alley.

Sundried Tomato and Sausage Egg Cupcakes from

I’ve renamed these cupcakes… Italian Breakfast Cupcakes.  Not only is it easier to say but it works for my short-term memory loss brain.  *grin*

This recipe includes sun-dried tomatoes, turkey sausage, Asiago cheese and Italian seasonings, in addition to the eggs and milk.  The prep time is longer than most cupcakes; you need to cook and cool the sausage and chop the sun-dried tomatoes.

You bake these cupcakes at a lower temperature (325) for a longer period of time (25-30 minutes).  Watch your oven ~ mine cooked faster.  And I found this recipe made 20 cupcakes, as I filled the cup nearly full of batter. 

Another note is you don’t use a cupcake liner when baking.  As you can see in my photo, I’ve placed the cupcake in a liner.  I think its more convenient for serving and especially since I had trouble getting the cupcake to come out of the cup cleanly.  In future bakings, I will use a liner, coated with non-stick spray, and be sure to fill the liner to the tippy top with batter.

My house smells divine.  The Italian aroma is intoxicating.  The taste… YUM!  YUM!  YUM!  The cupcake is light and fluffy with the most delicious blend of Italian herbs and breakfast flavors.

These cupcakes would be great for breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner.  You can serve them straight from the oven or bake ahead and reheat if you want to take them with you or serve them later.

This is an all-around great cupcake idea!  It’s a definite for the recipe stash!!!

cupcakelab rating:  the good


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