French Toast Muffins

You haven’t heard from me in several days.  I burned my fingers when I pushed a hot rack back in the oven.  OUCH!  Can you say oven mitt?  I think the brain cells were on a coffee break.  The fingers are working again so it’s back to baking.

Today is my first attempt at a French Toast cupcake.  This recipe is called Muffins but I think we’ll have a great cupcake when all is said and done.

French Toast Muffins from

This recipe is a little tough to follow.  She doesn’t tell you how many cupcakes the recipes makes (I made 12), how much batter to use, or how much French Toast topping to use.  She says to “spoon” into the pan.  So I used an ice cream scoop for the batter and a teaspoon from the silverware drawer as a place to start.  I ended up just eye-balling the amount.

Also note that liners are not used in this recipe.  Be sure to completely grease (doesn’t say with what but I used unsalted butter) the cup so your muffin/cupcake will release easily.  In the future I will use liners coated with non-stick spray.  Its faster and easier, and I’ll know the liners will come out of the pan.

The sweet smell of french toast is wafting through the house.  Hmm!  This is a pretty cupcake and it tastes fabulous – light and moist cake with the french toast topping.

Once the cupcake/muffin is out of the oven you brush on maple syrup and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.  It’s the perfect topping for this cupcake/muffin.

My preference would be less cake and more french toast topping, and I’ll be trying that in the future.

cupcakelab rating:  the good


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One Response to French Toast Muffins

  1. 2bee50 says:

    Looks amazing! Hope your fingers are much better.

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