Posting Again

You haven’t heard from me for several days.  I’ve been stewing and needed some time to address this issue when I was over my anger and disappointment.

Last week a Blogger took my posts and posted them on their blog as their own.  The entire blog is posts belonging to others.  Not a single word nor original thought is from this Blogger.  I find it indefensible that one thinks its okay to take other’s time and hard work, and present it as their own. 

I tried to address the issue with the Blogger last weekend.  I thought I had made progress only to find another of my posts on their blog, and now I’m blocked from contacting them.  Where are your ethics and just plain common decency, Blogger?

I’m hoping that by not posting anything for several days the Blogger will hopefully forget all about me and leave my posts alone.  So I’m moving on…

As I write, my kitchen is gearing up for baking… and new posts will be coming your way.  Thank you for being patient.


About frostedbaker

I love to bake! Especially cupcakes.
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2 Responses to Posting Again

  1. frostedbaker says:

    Lo and behold! The Blogger in question posted this on their site. I don’t think my posts are even read; just copied.

  2. 2bee50 says:

    People never shock me anymore. It is wrong on so many levels, I would do research and find out who hosts the blog and report them.

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