Mango Orange Cupcakes

I’ve had this recipe since last fall.  I’m so excited to try it.  I can see so many possibilities this recipe will bring to my future bakings.

Mango Orange Cupcakes from 

This recipe calls for shortening.  Sorry, but no way can I go there!  Crisco in my cupcakes, or for that matter in my frosting, just doesn’t fly for me.  I substituted butter.

Because of the substitution, you need to change the order and method for mixing the batter.  Beat the butter and sugar; add the vanilla and eggs.  Alternate adding the dry ingredients and the juice.  You know… like most cupcake recipes out there.

This is a lovely little cupcake.  It is light and fluffy and very moist, with the subtle flavor of the mango orange juice and delicate scent of the fruit.  I can’t wait to make this recipe again.  Bottom line… this recipe is a great basic recipe that should be in everyone’s recipe stash.  

The cupcake is so delicious you’ll surprise yourself when you figure out how many cupcakes you’ve eaten.  Naughty me… I’ve had three.  Yum!

cupcakelab rating:  the good


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7 Responses to Mango Orange Cupcakes

  1. Sugar Pies says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe! I’m also glad you played with butter since I haven’t gotten around to trying it with butter and now you’ve saved me the trouble of the experiment! This is one of my favorite cupcake recipes because of the great flavors involved.

  2. 2bee50 says:

    I love mango, so anything with mango is great! Thank you for substituting butter for shortening, does anyone still cook with shortening? Yuck!!

  3. Rose Gold says:

    Mango and orange combination is kind of a new to me. I can’t imagine what it will taste like. But I think I should really need to try this one to find out. Thanks for sharing by the way.

  4. Mango and orange are both yummy fruits and I can’t wait to add them to my cupcakes. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe.

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