Wildlands’ Stout & Irish Whiskey Chocolate Cake

Yes, I know this is a cake recipe.  What intrigued me was the use of chili powder.  I’ve used chili powder with chocolate many times when baking Mexican recipes; sometimes called Mexican hot chocolate.  The chili powder enhances the chocolate nicely while adding a little heat.  The surprise ingredient is almond extract.

Wildland’s Stout & Irish Whiskey Chocolate Cake from http://wovensunshine.wordpress.com

This recipe is more complicated than most but it is not difficult.  To start, you need two sauce pans going.  In the first pan, you simmer Guinness while melting the butter and then whisk in the cocoa to make a chocolate sauce.  The second sauce pan is for the syrup.  This takes twenty minutes to reduce, so make sure your ready to start your simmer when the cupcakes go in.

What can I say… my kitchen smells like a brewery.  With two sauce pans on the stove top, one making the syrup and the other cooking the beginnings of the batter, the aroma of Guinness is hanging heavy in the air.  It’s a little early in the morning.  Can you say Guinness for breakfast?

The syrup, with its combination of Guinness and espresso powder has a slightly bitter scent to it.  Once adding the cocoa powder to the Guinness and melted butter the fragrance of the chocolate is divine!  The chocolate sauce has enveloped the kitchen.  A big thank you to the baking Gods.

One step missing from the directions is when to add the chocolate sauce.  I opted to add it to the mixing bowl after combining the wet ingredients.  Then I added the dry ingredients.

What a surprise!  This is the most beautiful batter I’ve come across so far.  The surprise is this chocolate espresso stout batter smells like almond.  And that’s a good thing.

Oh My Goodness!  And I mean Goodness.  This cupcake is by far one of the best I’ve had this month.  The cake is light and fluffy, and full of flavor with some heat from the chili powder.  The syrup I brushed on top is more of a light glaze and does not soak into the cupcake. 

The combination of the two makes this so delicious it can be served on its own.  The recipe also calls for Espresso Irish Whiskey Ganache and Chocolate Whipped Cream topping.  Sugar coma comes to mind; not counting the calories.

If you want to present your guests with an unbelievably indulgent and scrumptious dessert, this is the one.

cupcakelab rating:  the good


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4 Responses to Wildlands’ Stout & Irish Whiskey Chocolate Cake

  1. 2bee50 says:

    Great photos!! These sound incredible, I may have to try them for the two men in my house. Thank you for what you do in baking all these recipes. Could you send the smells my way?

  2. I just stumbled upon this— thank you so much for trying my recipe and blogging about it. I will update the blog post; you are correct— you add the chocolate to the wet, then the dry.

    Thanks again, Jenn Garrison

  3. frostedbaker says:

    You are so welcome! I’ll be checking in with you often.

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