Green Velvet Cupcakes

I’m throwing you a little twist today.  I’m testing a Green Velvet recipe.  I probably should have tried this earlier in the month, before St. Patrick’s Day came around.

Green Velvet Cupcakes from

I love Cupcake Project because she gives credit where credit is due.  She says “I got this recipe from Sarah of Daily Nibbles…    Sarah got the recipe from The Way The Cookie Crumbles, Who got it from Apple A Day, Who adapted from Saveur, Who got it from Cake Man Raven”.  Nice job Cupcake Project!

Green Velvet?  I guess its great for St. Patrick’s Day but for me green food is a vegetable.  Don’t get me wrong, I love vegetables.  I just can’t get past green cake.

OMG!  What in the world happened to my cupcakes? 

You can see in the first photo how green the batter is.  Unfortunately, when the cupcakes came out of the oven they were the ugliest color green I have even seen.  Not only that, but they were sunken in the middle.  Not Pretty!  And not something I would serve.

Even with all that, these cupcakes are good but on the sweet side.  They are light and fluffy.  The texture and taste reminds me of Paula Deen’s Blue Velvet Cake I tested February 17th.  They, however, do not compare to Paula’s.  Paula is still #1.

The balance of this recipe is very exciting.  After baking your cupcakes, you cut some cake out of the top of the cupcake and insert a chocolate liqueur cup.  Then frost the cupcake with Irish Whiskey Cream Cheese frosting.  Then, the end all to be all: fill the chocolate liqueur cup with beer.  Yikes!  Don’t light a match too close to this cupcake!  I would absolutely leave the birthday candles in the drawer.

cupcakelab rating:  the bad

Post Update:  I rated the cupcake “the bad” but I would rate the balance of the recipe as “the good”.


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One Response to Green Velvet Cupcakes

  1. 2bee50 says:

    I’m so glad you post pictures. Green Velvet Cupcakes sounded pretty cool and a fun idea for St. Patrick’s Day. But seeing the color after they baked, I don’t think I could eat them. They look terrible and I agree green is for vegetables.

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