Irish Coffee Cupcakes

Today I’m beginning Irish whiskey cupcake recipes.  This first recipe comes from The Netherlands (that’s Holland for those of us who live in the U.S.).  I was very excited to find this site and now have it listed on my “Food Blogs I Enjoy” blogroll.

Irish Coffee Cupcakes from

This recipe should be called Irish Spiced Whiskey Cupcakes.  When I tested Martha Stewart’s Stout Cupcakes recipe I found the same outcome.  These two recipes are both an Irish Spice Cake with whiskey or stout added. 

Also not found in this recipe is coffee.  Kay does sprinkle Jamie Oliver’s Chocolate & Coffee Bean Sugar on top of the frosting.  So I guess that qualifies it as an Irish Coffee cupcake?  I’ve looked for Jamie’s sugars and can’t find them.  I’d love to hear from you if you know where I can find his products.

Kay posts how her “Irish Coffee is always heavy on the whiskey – no point in drinking it unless you can actually taste it… and so should an Irish Coffee cupcake be.”  I whole-heartedly agree!

Be forewarned… the fumes coming from the batter are in your face.  Using Jameson Irish Whiskey makes this very enjoyable.

The cupcake is light and moist, and has a nice weight to it.  The flavor is incredible.  The whiskey flavor does not overtake the cupcake.  Adding the Whiskey Whipped Cream topping to the cupcake (as in the recipe) has me planning to make more of these cupcakes.  I can’t wait, and neither can my neighbors.

cupcakelab rating:   the good


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