Irish Cream Cupcakes

I desperately need a break from stout/Guinness cupcakes.  “I think my taste buds are becoming fatigued”, as Angelo said on Top Chef.  I now understand what he meant. Starting today I will work my way through the Irish Cream recipes I’ve found; maybe with a little glass to sip on while baking.  Yum!

Irish Cream is a liqueur made of Irish whiskey and cream; and sometimes coffee or cocoa is added, depending on the recipe you find.

Irish Cream Cupcakes from Krystina Castella’s ~ Crazy About Cupcakes cookbook

The batter is thick but maybe after all the thin Guinness batters I’ve made over the last several weeks I’ve forgotten what some cupcake batters look like.

The Irish Cream flavor comes through and is quite nice.  The cupcake is rather dense and doughy in texture.  I don’t particularly care for this but my friend Krystal is here and she loved the cupcake.  Maybe I’m just being too picky.

I think this recipe is a good base for other liqueur flavored cupcakes.  And I can’t wait to try some!

This cupcake recipe is a nice alternative to a stout cupcake for St. Patrick’s Day.

cupcakelab rating:  the bad

Post Update:  I’ve changed the rating to the bad.  Although I very much like the flavor of the cupcake I just can’t get past the dense and doughy texture of the cupcake.  Just tried a second cupcake and yep! still don’t like the texture.  I would, however, play a little with the recipe because the flavor is that good.


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