Beer Cupcakes Again & Nigella Lawson

Yesterday I baked Big City, Little Kitchen’s Beer Cupcakes! recipe; adapted from Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Guinness Cake recipe.  This recipe was a huge hit for me and my neighbors.  It’s my number one recipe for Guinness cupcakes so far. 

Much to my surprise I didn’t find it to be so on the web.  As you may recall, Smitten Kitchen’s recipe was found on boat loads of sites.  This recipe was found at justapinch, bakespace and mixingbowl.  There are three other sites but they adapted the recipe.  I will be baking these recipes in the days ahead.  There maybe other sites out there, I just didn’t find them.  What a shame because this recipe deserves the same recognition, and more.

Now to today’s baking…

Chocolate Guinness Cake from

I’m leery.  Her recipe calls for half the amount of dry ingredients even though the wet ingredients stay the same.  I used the conversion chart (grams to cups/ounces) and double checked the measurements.  Yep, they’re correct.  Fingers crossed that my math skills haven’t failed me!

This recipe uses granulated sugar, twice the butter, half the cocoa powder and half the flour. 

 When it comes to the flour I truly believe that an error was made when inputting the recipe.  The batter was as runny as chocolate milk.

Ignore the fact that the flour is not incorporated into the batter.  I was too impatient to get the photo taken.

I didn’t want to even try baking this batter.  Instead, I folded an extra cup of flour into the batter.  Now it’s time to bake.  Fill your liners 1/2 full and bake the cupcakes for 15 minutes.

The cupcake is fluffy and moist.  It does not have an intense chocolate flavor and richness to it as the Beer Cupcakes! recipe.  But it is a delicious cupcake! 

I would try this cupcake and the cupcake from Big City, Little Kitchen with the ganache and frosting from Smitten Kitchen’s recipe, to see how the flavors work together.  If you’re looking to cut the sweetness quotient, I would use this cupcake recipe.

cupcakelab rating:  the good

Post Update:  Just tried another cupcake.  This time I could really taste the flavor of the Guinness.  Yep!  This is a very tasty cupcake!


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