Beer Cupcakes!

Today’s recipe is from Big City, Little Kitchen (adapted from Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Guinness Cake recipe).  It was an utter disaster!!!

Beer Cupcakes! from

My poor cupcake!  It has sunken so much in the middle that there’s nothing left to try.  Not that I want to.  It smells terrible – like burnt chocolate.  Yuck!

I know I followed the recipe correctly.  I’m so very careful when it comes to the directions and measurements.  So… I’m starting all over.

The difference in color of the cupcakes between the first photo and the second has to do with my lighting, not an actual change in the color of the cupcake.

This is my second attempt at baking the recipe.  This is what the cupcakes looked like straight out of the oven.  I didn’t even take another photo, as after the cupcakes cooled they had sunken so much there was nothing left but a crunchy cake-like substance stuck to the paper liners.

Off to the computer I went.  First, I checked Nigella’s recipe. After converting the measurements, I found that Big City, Little Kitchen recipe adaptation included making changes to the amounts of butter, cocoa, and flour.  They also changed the type of sugar used (dark brown sugar vs. refined sugar).  The recipe is now more similar to Smitten Kitchen’s recipe.

The next step was to figure out why my cupcakes were sunken in the middle.  I looked everywhere on the web and this is what I found:  (1)  You may not have enough flour in the batter.  I followed the recipe and since no one else commented on having any problems with this recipe, I’m guessing the amount is good.  (2) Your oven temperature is incorrect.  Checked mine; all is good.  (3)  You opened the oven door before the cupcakes were baked at least 15 minutes.  Nope, didn’t open the door until the timer went off.  (4)  Your baking soda is bad/expired.  Mine’s not expired but what the heck maybe something’s up with it.  I’m off to the store to get a new box of baking soda.  We’ll see if that helps.  I need to give this recipe a fair shake.

cupcakelab rating:  check in with me tomorrow when I attempt the recipe again


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