White Velvet Cupcakes

White Velvet?  I was intrigued.  I saved this recipe for today, our last day of Red Velvet.  So here we go…

White Velvet Cupcakes from http://fifteenspatulas.com

This recipe is NOT a “velvet” recipe.  What makes a velvet recipe is the inclusion of cocoa powder, for the hint of chocolate taste, not that the cupcake is red (or orange or white). 

The blogger states “what’s unusual about these cupcakes is they don’t follow the usual creaming method”.  And boy, it that true.  You need to read the recipe several times before starting, to make sure these directions are in your head and you don’t revert back to the standard velvet recipe method (well, if you’re me).

In the mixer with a paddle, you mix the dry ingredients.  Then you add the butter and the balance of the milk.  In a separate bowl, you whisk the egg whites, vanilla and some of the milk.  Then add these ingredients to the mixer. 

I was a little leery, as the batter mixed together in the most unusual way.  I was afraid I had botched the batter.

The cupcakes look and smell delicious.  They are light and delicate.  They are NOT, however, a “velvet” cupcake.  They are a white vanilla cake.  I like the cupcake and will use the recipe for my white vanilla (with a tad more vanilla seeds added and a decadent frosting).

cupcakelab rating:  the good


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  1. paer says:

    I want these!!

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