M.B. Red Velvet

I’m a huge fan of Mini Baker, even though I’ve never tried one of her cupcakes.  I follow her on Facebook and her blog.  This recipe is touted as her famous “delicious, light, fluffy, and just the right amount of moisture.  It’s definitely labor intensive, but it’s worth it!”  I was so excited to try this recipe.

Red Velvet Cupcakes from http://minibakercupcakes.blogspot.com

I didn’t find the recipe to be labor intensive.  If you haven’t baked a red velvet recipe before you may find more steps to follow than other recipes.  For those of us who have… no big deal.

The batter is quite red!  Not what I was hoping for.  I filled the liner 2/3 full as instructed.  Being a little leery, I only baked two cupcakes.

The cupcake came out mushroom-shaped and deeply sunken.  I only baked for 18 minutes (the recipe called for 20-22).  How disappointing!

I tasted the cupcake and decided to bake again but for less time.  Can you say crunchy on top.  This time I only filled the liners 1/2 full and baked for 16 minutes.  

 Again the cupcake was sunken but at least it didn’t over flow all over the cupcake pan. 

I have to say that I could not eat these cupcakes.  I threw out the rest of the batter.  I’m getting tired of doing this and so are my neighbors; they’re not getting their cupcake deliveries.  The cupcake was light but not moist and delicious. 

Since Mini Baker bakes everyday as a business, could the recipe measurements be wrong?  I can’t explain the outcome any other way.  So sorry Mini Baker!

cupcakelab rating:  the ugly


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