Sour Cream Red Velvet

Today I’m going to stray from the standard Red Velvet recipes.  This recipe includes sour cream.  Unfortunately, all did not go well in cupcakeland.

Red Velvet Cupcakes from McCormick at

The recipe does not contain vinegar or buttermilk.  Instead it includes sour cream and milk.  It also has larger amounts of vanilla and cocoa powder than most recipes. 

The batter is put together differently, and as it was going together I was getting concerned for its outcome.  The batter was a strange color and felt “sticky” when I scraped the bowl with a spatula.  I wish I had taken a photo before I dumped the remaining batter.

The recipe calls for you to fill the liner 2/3 full.  I filled them 1/2 full and that was more than enough. 

This cupcake was flavorless, a tad dry (I think from the amount of cocoa powder in the recipe) and “gummy” in texture.  Trust me ~ I did not over beat the batter!  I’m sorry to say, I can’t find anything positive to say about this cupcake.  And, yes, you did read correctly: I dumped the batter.

cupcakelab rating:  the ugly


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