Chef Jeff’s Red Velvet

Chef Jeff Henderson was a guest on The Talk, February 14th, with his new cookbook “American I Am: Pass It Down Cookbook”.  He presented several recipes from the book including his Red Velvet cupcakes.  So today I baked…

Chef Jeff’s Red Velvet Cupcakes from

The recipe is very similar to all the other recipes out there; a few tweeks here and there.  The difference with this recipe is in the preparation of ingredients.  Chef Jeff has you whisk the dry ingredients in one bowl, whisk the wet ingredients in another bowl, whisk the cocoa powder and food coloring in another.  This is a really good idea!  It made the prep time much shorter and easier compared to other recipes. 

One major thing missing from the directions is what to do with the cocoa paste.  It doesn’t tell you when to add it (probably a proofreading issue).  I added it to the batter last.

Fill your liners only 1/2 full.  I filled mine 3/4 full (one ice cream scoop) as the recipe says and they baked up and over the cupcake pan.  You can see my mushroom-shaped cupcake in the first photo.  When I took the cupcake out of the pan I ended up with a “cupcake top” in my hand.  Not what you’re looking for; unless you like cupcake tops, no cakes.

The cupcake has a great red-brown coloring that I like; none of that bright red, fake-looking color.  The cupcake is a little denser while still being very light and fluffy.  It’s a delicious cupcake!  So good, I made the entire batch.  I’m off to eat another cupcake…

cupcake rating:  the good


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