Red Velvet Again

Today I planned to test the Red Velvet recipe from .  As I read through the recipe I thought ‘this sounds all to familiar’.  So I grabbed Sunday’s recipe from bestcupcakerecipes and realized they were exactly the same.  Exactly! 

After further research, I found that both recipes were posted in February 2009.  Pinchmysalt shared that this recipe is the Waldorf-Astoria Cake that was popular at the New York hotel in the 1920’s.  She posted the cake recipe in November 2008, after finding it in a New York Times article.

Another good reason to test my way through all the recipes I’ve gathered.  I can now eliminate duplicates along with those recipes I won’t be baking again.

So… I thought I would change things up and talk about cupcake liners.  Can I just say, along with recipes that are a waste of time and money, are liners that peel themself off the cupcake and/or allow the batter to bleed through the paper.  Also a big waste of time and money.  Ugh!

Last fall I wandered around online looking for liners.  I purchased from boat loads of companies and it was still driving me crazy that I was having trouble.  And I wasn’t alone!  I found so many sites with bakers from around the world complaining about liners peeling from their cupcakes; and what could they do? 

Well, I stumbled on a little company from Tennessee called Sutton Gourmet Paper.  As I was placing my order online, I called the company and spoke with Kellie, the owner.  We had a wonderful chat and this is what I learned.  She is a small start-up company.  She has only 4 designs (she now has 8 and is working to release more, and will produce custom liners for us).  Her liners are printed with soy-based ink (much healthier for us) and are paper (not greasepaper or glycerin – I prefer the feel of paper).  Her liners maintain their color and design.  As she says “our whites stay white – even with chocolate baked goods”.  These liners are my first choice when baking.  Can’t wait for more designs to be available!  You can find Kellie at .

I do not receive any benefit from this company.  I just love to share when I find products I think you will also enjoy.

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