Red Velvet

Today it was important to bake a great Red Velvet cupcake recipe.  I just couldn’t see myself baking recipe after recipe so I would have great cupcakes to delivery tomorrow.  So I chose…

Red Velvet Cupcakes from

kblogs says that there are many red velvet cupcake recipes floating around, but this one should be really excellent.  It’s the cream of the red velvet cupcake crop!  She promises, as long as you follow the directions properly.

I like this recipe because it’s an old-fashion recipe.  From the brown-red color to the way the batter is put together, it’s a recipe from the early days of red velvet baking.  If you are expecting a red cupcake (like what you find almost everywhere these days) you’ll want to add a little more red food coloring. 

This cupcake was light, yet had a nice weight to it.  It was tasty with its subtle chocolate flavor.  It wasn’t sweet nor did it have that artificial taste that many recipes have. 

It’s important to notice that this recipe calls for cake flour.  Cake flour has less gluten; it will make a difference in the density and consistency of your cupcake.  The recipe said it makes 20 cupcakes.  Using my scoop, I ended up with 25 cupcakes.  That’s always a bonus! 

Overall, this is a very good recipe and I think you will enjoy it.

cupcakelab rating: the good

Post Update:  Due to the cupcakes becoming dry so quickly, I’ve changed my rating to:  the bad.


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3 Responses to Red Velvet

  1. 2bee50 says:

    Success! I appreciate you testing these and sharing. Glad you found one that works for you.

  2. nanci says:

    I tried a cupcake earlier in the day and it was pretty good. The one I tried later that night was very dry and heavier than the first one. I didn’t care for the second cupcake.

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