Hello Bakers!

And the journey begins…

February is the month of hearts, flowers, sweets and love.  I love anything Red Velvet topped with Cream Cheese frosting.  I’ve loved Red Velvet long before anyone other than a Southern knew what Red Velvet was.  Valentine’s Day is only two days away and I have loads of cupcakes to bake.  So… it only makes sense that my flavor choice this month is Red Velvet.

Paula Deen’s Red Velvet Cupcakes recipe from www.foodnetwork.com

Yikes!  Even as I was measuring the ingredients something was amiss.  1 teaspoon of cocoa powder and 2 tablespoons of red food coloring?  This just doesn’t seem right; or is it just me?  But I continued on. 

The recipe calls for mixing all the wet ingredients together with a hand mixer.  I guess my hand mixer is too powerful because as soon as I turned it on low my kitchen and I were covered in a very red goo.  After cleaning up the mess and dumping the bowl, I started over with my Kitchen Aid mixer (where low-speed really is low-speed).

I finished the recipe and scooped the batter into my liners.  I always use an ice cream scoop so all my cupcakes are the same size; this helps with the final cupcake count for each recipe.  As you can see in the photo I stopped at four cupcakes.  I thought I would do a test bake at this point.

You’re probably agreeing with me about now.  So… into the oven they went.  The recipe says to bake about 20-22 minutes.  I started checking them at 16 minutes.  The tooth pick test showed they were baked.  Wow!  Glad I decided to test the time.

Since the cupcakes were cooked, I immediately took them out of the pan to cool.  The recipe doesn’t specify whether to leave them in or take them out immediately (many recipes do).

Here are my results:

The cupcake was very light and fluffy, but utterly lacking in flavor; unless you call food coloring a flavor and that’s a disgusting flavor.  Just ask Florian.  And what can I say about the red color…  it’s electrifying.

I love Paula Deen and her recipes.  My guess is the person who typed in the recipe didn’t proofread their work.  I think with some further research I could find the correct recipe.  So sorry Paula!

cupcakelab rating:  the ugly


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I love to bake! Especially cupcakes.
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3 Responses to Hello Bakers!

  1. 2bee50 says:

    I enjoy Paula Deen, so disappointed that this recipe was a failure. I have had many a red velvet cupcake or cake that was flavorless. It is so disappointing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. kellie says:

    I hate that the recipe didn’t work, but LOVE how wonderful our liners look after baking! Especially with red velvet and using only one liner. You have such a fabulous blog – so informative and a great assistant for the home baker!
    Thank you for making our liners look amazing 🙂

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